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    These days I am a full time working mom (owner of my photography studio, Bliss Studio) and I also do some contract work for a photography company as well as teaching classes on photography. CRAZY BUSY. In my free time I love to sew (both for personal and for Three Dandelions), watch Grey's Anatomy and eat Poptarts. I have a wonderful husband who truly is my better half and we have two little crazy monsters whom we love dearly. You might find a little of this and a little of that on this blog. But hopefully you will see a piece of my life and the humor that goes with it! Thanks for reading!

Perfect First Impression

School started this week. Which for Lennox is about the same since we went all summer too. But for Lily we hit a milestone and she is officially in Kindergarten!  New school for Lily!  I did manage to snag a quick shot of each of the kids on their very first day!

Two little cuties!  The whole family went to drop Lily off on her first day of school. She was so excited and hardly slept the night before (well in truth neither did I). We were so proud of what a big girl she was. No tears and acted all grown up…and no Im not talking about me. ha. Here is Lily at her new desk.

Lily only had a couple days of school this week and has already made quite the first impression. The kids were asked to draw a “good choice” and draw a “bad choice”. Here is Lily’s drawing…

Im pretty sure we just made a fabulous first impression.

Hope the teacher isn’t judging us already. (and Im hoping that is supposed to be a belly button).

Happy Saturday!

~Proud Parent

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Mornings Suck Period.

I ” might” have went all crazy on my family tonight. Let me explain…

Im so tired of our mornings going to S***.  EVERY.SINGLE.MORNING. And I know Im not alone in this…but seriously how can every morning end with screaming (from everyone) and make it so I can’t stand my kids, can’t wait for them to leave and then instantly feel like a bad parent the moment they leave? UGH. Not enough coffee in the world will help that (well…maybe…my coffee needs a little something extra….). It never seems like I can do enough to “keep the peace” in the morning. Someone or something ALWAY ruins it. Have I mentioned that I HATE mornings? Oh I hate them. I hated them before kids. As in….dont call me before 10am…..Approach with caution…and I better have coffee. So <insert kids> its not much better. Except somehow I now have to take my already unhappy morning self downstairs and put up with TWO screaming, demanding brats. Before coffee. (Cause hell will freeze over before I get up even 5 minutes before I ABSOLUTELY have to).

So this morning pretty much started off as they all do. We go to wake the kids up and Lennox is his usual fabulous two year old self (I mean…we take one step out of line and he lets us know) and Lily started throwing a tantrum and had to be hauled downstairs throwing a fit (she was SUPER tired…not that her awful behavior was excused…But I suppose this could have been me that Dan had to haul downstairs kicking and screaming…Or at least should have been). I won’t bore you with the details of our less than fabulous morning but I was unamused and pretty much had it by the time the family was pushed out the door.

Fast Forward to tonight…

There are now Signs on the kids chairs with their names on them (this is a fight every morning)
They each have a bowl and spoon sitting at their setting (melt down every am for the PINK bowl…which is finding its way to the garbage)
They cereal has been picked and is with their bowls (Cant make up their minds…and if we pour ANYTHING they freak out…how dare we!)
Their school snack bags are packed and by the door (Lennox eats his and screams the entire time I pack it)
Their clothes are all laid out and ready to go (don’t even get me started on this…..BOTH kids….Awful)
I threatened their lives (okay not really but I went through each thing as we did it, with a no-nonsense tone)

Thats all I got. I guarantee they will make an issue out of something but honestly I can tolerate “some” fighting, whining or whatever. I understand they are kids. But seriously screaming from the moment they wake until the door shuts (oh and on the way to school to but thats all for daddy to deal with-ha) Ive had it. Id like to enjoy my kids for the small amount of time we see them during the week. I know its no Pleasantville but It should NOT be this painful.  I might also be complementing a coffee pot on my bedside table that will be ready when I wake up. hmmm….

Wish me luck,


(oh and just for fun…this was my attire today. Sorry I shot it in a mirror so its backwards. But “NOPE” was just about how I felt today)


Proud Parenting Moment (or not)

This am.

Lily- “Its Mommy’s furniture and Daddy’s Damn Floor”

Wait. What? Did she really just say that? Well, I suppose its only Damn and not another fabulous four letter word. So maybe Im Thankful.

Not really.

Damn floor. Hmmm. Betcha can guess who says that one. (not it).

Some days its a parenting fail.

Then you get to work and relay this story to a co-worker.

Its okay, ours just said “F***” after we let one slip.

Okay suddenly I feel slightly better.


Today, I’ll just be thankful for this. A few days ago…The kids wanted to have a slumber party in Lennox’s room and watch a movie. So we set them up and let them be. It was SILENT for the length of most of the movie. We were wondering why we didn’t think of this sooner! ha ha. A little peace and quiet for mom and dad is pure heaven.

Mini shoot

Every year at Bliss I do a themed event called Vintage Fields. I use random props (new ones each year) and sprinkle them around our property. This year we borrowed an old truck from our neighbor! It was awesome.  My kids did pretty good for their session. Lily looked so old…actually they both did. I don’t know if it was the truck or the outfits? But both kids were adorable and looked very grown up. The shot with Lennox and no shirt, kills me!